How to get Fortnite Free V BUCKS — FREE 300,000 V Bucks Glitch

Fortnite Free V BUCKS Glitch

2 min readDec 21, 2020


The Free v bucks fortnite season 5 of the popular game Fortnite has just been released and you can get Fortnite Free V Bucks Chapter 2 now. This is the second season of the popular game and sees you as one of the rookie players when it comes to the game.

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You are given an opportunity to prove your worth to the producers of the game by trying out your hand and advancing up the levels quickly. Each level has challenges that can be mastered quickly to give you more points for that particular level which earns you credits. As you advance to the next level, more challenges will be waiting for you so that you can accumulate more credits.

Fortnite Free V BUCKS on Christmas Season

In previous seasons, the challenges were relatively few as Fortnite has introduced new strategies to help the players. However, this season promises a more varied challenge depending on what you choose to do with the credits that you accumulate. Some challenges will not be easy to tackle and require a good amount of strategy to beat them. On the other hand, some of the challenges in Fortnite Free V Bucks Chapter 2 can be completed in a matter of minutes but can still earn you credits if you work at them well. There is also another aspect where you can choose to play the free v bucks game as a season pass. Fortnite does not charge for the season passes because they make money by selling advertisement spaces on the maps. It makes sense then that they will give you the first two chapters free of cost. Once you have played through these two chapters, you can then choose to purchase the third chapter for an additional 20 dollars.